The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in all spheres globally, industries and businesses around the world are already seeing signs of disruption in their supply chains and decline in demand. The fallouts of COVID-19 is something we all did not expect but has happened. The impact of the pandemic is not only on human health and lives but has caused changes to businesses and very many employees their jobs.

One of the feasible fallouts of COVID-19 is ‘unplanned retrenchment’ and if you’re one of those affected, remind yourself that this is not the end of your life’s journey. Statistics show 89% of those that might be retrenched will not be prepared for this crisis in terms of savings and investments and will now be at crossroads on how to go about their lives in the unemployed state. I have put together some actions you could take during this period ensuring you’re alive and ready for your next big step:

You should have a positive mind:

Understand that it was of importance the company had to retrench some workers. Rather than stay frustrated, choose to be positive, this helps your mind and the people around you as well. Take it with much calmness and confidence and see it as an opportunity to reinvent and rebrand yourself.

Take into consideration other sources of income:

There are quite a number of job opportunities that would require less monitoring or whereby your money can work for you. For instance, network marketing and affiliate marketing. Seek out financial investment whereby your money can work for you for example Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Think about acquiring employability skills:

Make the best of this period of your life well. Learn a new skill whether it is related to your area of specialization or not. Keep your mind occupied as this will help you get the best out of your time. The truth is, despite the effects of the pandemic, tech-related companies have remained slightly unaffected. In fact, some companies have recorded rising profits in the first quarter of the year. Position yourself in the right direction, acquire high-level skills which cannot be affected by physical location. Some of these skills include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile app development, Digital journalism. There are quite a number of free and paid courses on edu-based sites such as Khan Academy, Coursera, Shaw Academy.

Your network is truly your net worth:

Lean into your existing network, talk to those inside and outside your industry and make connections that were otherwise non-existent before. Aside from learning and staying up to date with the trending news, try to carefully make new friends and extend your network reach. Maintain the friends you already have and try to open up on your fears on people who are very welcome into your life. Share your worries and also request them to keep you posted on any opportunities they know of which you are a fit.

It is normal to feel broken, frustrated and tired, however hold on to the fact that this is really not the end of your life. There are lots of opportunities out there and remember you are still relevant to yourself, your family and the society at large.

Funmi Babington-Ashaye: Business Office Representative

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